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SC Football is dead and the Stanley Cup Playoffs are a week away.

Speaking of the NHL, nothing beats the playoffs and this year should be special. Yeah, I'm a Boston Bruins die-hard, but there are some terrific teams that have a great chance to win it all.

In the West, Vegas is such a great story, but they may exit early if they have to play the Ducks first. San Jose is a sleeper as they have been kinda ho-hum until picking up Kane at the deadline. Nashville and Winnipeg are my pick for the West. The winner of their looming 2nd round matchup likely goes to the Finals.

In the East, Tampa, Boston and Toronto are all strong teams and Washington has been quietly gaining momentum at just the right time. Pens D is not as good as it was last year and last year it was bad. Goaltending is off this year too. The survivor of the Boston, Tampa, Toronto matchups in the 1st two rounds represents the East. 
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No, we're working on a power running game this Spring that will payoff bit time this season.  As soon as Carr is stopped for no gain on a carry it will be right back to the grab-bag offense. 

It's all they know

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