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Mike Bohn Fired Some People; Now Get To Work!

Now that Mike Bohn fired Steve LopesRon Orr and Scott Jacobson, will Bohn be able act like an athletic director?

This excuse about “he’s only been on the job a couple months” or “he needs to get through this crisis” makes you wonder if Bohn ever thought about the job before he took it?

As soon as he applied, he should have been watching football games, evaluating Clay Helton and compiling a list of candidates. That way he would be able to get some things done on Day 1.

If you want to say he was hamstrung by Carol Folt, then he should have made it clear in his interview he wanted to control what happened.

Otherwise, it looks like he is just collecting a paycheck for a year and doing nothing.

It’s nice work if you can get it but USC needs an athletic director. It has a men’s basketball program under NCAA investigation and a women’s basketball program that is 0-5 in the Pac-12. It needs a strong leader not an excuse maker.

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