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I may just go watch the ASU/UA game.  Hermy's team reminds me a lot of Pete's first year.  I came away impressed by the disciplined OL play and they didn't give up when they lost the lead.  This may have been the turning point for Herm's squad. 

That guy is going to be deadly in living rooms.  He has all the same charisma Pete had and ASU has the facilities to be a big time program if they can attract the top talent.  The campus is night and day compared to when I graduated and it's every bit of modern.  It seems he has good assistants and the kids are being coached up.  All Hermy needs to be is a cheerleader and salesman to the kids and their families.

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Agree, but like Pete, he'll go as far as his staff will take him.  Get excellent coordinators and asu can compete for MNCs; get pissy like Pete did when he wasn't getting all of the credit, or not replace excellent coordinators when they eventually leave with other top candidates and things will regress like what's happened at USC.  Folks can rightly blame Nikias and Haden for the current disaster that is USC, but they need to remember that it was PETE who brought in Kiffin, Sark and by extension, Hugs.  He deserves a lot of the blame for this too.
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