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billions of dollars to bypass sanctions?  Just how desperate was this fuck to get the Iran "deal" done?  Nah, he's not a Muslim.  And he wasn't deliberately trying to weaken America. 

So glad this POS is out of office.  Easily the worst President in my lifetime and as we get further away from his administration, people will see he was the worst President in history.

I guess now we know what he meant by "Change".  He wanted to change America's status as leader of the world to something more in line with lesser countries

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August West
Marxist, mooslim, Whitie hating, America hating traitor.

He told us he would “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. And he did.

Thankfully, we now have a fighter in Office that will reverse every rule, edict, law that was enacted under that POS. When Trump leaves in 2020, 44 will be known as 0, not O. 
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