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The thing I hate most about Helton is this. Sure he's incompetent at his job but so are lots of other people. He will be fired at some point and that will be that.

But his constant attempts to drag the expectations and standards of one of the great college football programs of all-time down to a level that his pathetic coaching can meet are truly contemptible. We will recover on the field from his embarassing tenure, but he threatens to do long-term damage to who we are and what we stand for when he prattles on about goals that are beneath us.

Hey Clay, no Trojan gives a shit about the Pac-12 South. Period. So shut the fuck up about it already.
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The Pac 12 south is utter garbage, by far the worst division in college football. He should be embarrassed to make such a statement but is too dense to realize the idiocy of his comment. The guy is fat and lazy which of course has translated to the team. The sooner this fraud gets canned the sooner we can hopefully for once get a competent coach in here to clean up this mess created by Haden the horrible.
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